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NGH Certified Hypnotherapist

  Member, Hypnotherapist and Certified Instructor for the  National Guild of Hypnotists


Thomas Institute of Hypnosis
New England - New Hampshire, Maine, Massachusetts, Vermont and USA

50 Bridge Street
Suite 303
Manchester, NH  03103


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Hypnotherapists/Instructors of 
Thomas Institute of Hypnosis

Dawn E. Whiting

Dawn received her hypnosis training 13 years ago and most recently trained with Cynthia Thomas in 2008 where she received her certification with the National Guild of Hypnotists. She attended the Weiss Institute based in Miami where she received her training in Regression Therapy.  Dawn recently received her Board Certification in Hypnosis.  She also received certification as a HypnoCoach from the National Guild of Hypnotists.

In 1975 to 1976, Dawn received her BA in microbiology and her BS in Medical Technology and continued to work in the health care industry until 1988.  She then worked in the banking industry, specifically as Trust Tax Officer and received her Masters in Business from Husson College .  She then decided to return to school for a law degree. 

In 1998 Dawn opened Pachamama, a popular retail store in Concord , which complemented her life as a hypnotherapist.  In 2008 she opened Concord Hypnosis and Wellness Center giving workshops, teaching classes and promoting wellness events.  

With her acute knowledge of business and hypnotherapy, Dawn started out as a part-time hypnotherapist and soon became one of the busiest in the area.  Her background of Hypnosis, Reiki and other complementary modalities as well as her health care and business background serves her very well when she is assisting her clients to achieve their goals.  Due to her varied background she has excellent communication skills and pays attention to detail which is very important in the role of hypnotherapist.

When Dawn realized Cynthia was retiring, she approached Cynthia about the future of Thomas Institute of Hypnosis.  In further discussion, they realized that they had very similar standards in their practices.  When Dawn offered to purchase Thomas Institute of Hypnosis, Cynthia knew that her clients and students would be comfortable with Dawn’s style and rapport and that Dawn would carry on the Thomas Institute tradition. 

Cynthia Kile Thomas is pleased to announce the passing of the corporate sessions, private client sessions and the school to Dawn E Whiting.  Together, with Cynthia, the former owner, she is taking hypnosis and the school to a new level. 

Whether it is conducting group hypnosis sessions for families and corporations, doing private sessions in her offices or teaching her many classes, Dawn is driven to helping individuals achieve their goals.  Cynthia Thomas is proud to pass this legacy of Thomas Hypnosis on to Dawn Whiting.

Dawn has appeared on network and cable television, as well as being a guest speaker for numerous radio programs. She has also been featured in many newspaper articles.


Cynthia Kile Thomas

Cynthia received her certification training in 1989 at the Mottin & Johnson Institute in St. Louis, Missouri. She attended the Harte Center for Hypnosis in New York City where she received her certification as an Instructor with the National Guild of Hypnotists.

In 1990, Cynthia opened Lake Shore Center of Hypnosis in St. Louis. She was also a facilitator and hypnotherapist of Mottin & Johnson Institute and instructor for Mottin & Johnson Seminars where hundreds of hypnotists across the country have been trained. She started out as a part-time hypnotherapist and soon began seeing an average of 8 to10 clients a day.

Cynthia relocated to Manchester, NH in 1997 when she married Steve Thomas who is a former television host with WMUR-TV.  Currently he is an actor, magician and a certified hypnotherapist with  Thomas Hypnosis.  Together, Steve and Cynthia conduct group hypnosis sessions for families and corporations.  Cynthia opened Thomas Institute of Hypnosis which is the first state licensed post-secondary hypnosis career school in new England. The Institute has been growing steadily, helping clients and students fulfill their goals. She is proud to pass this legacy on to Dawn Whiting.

Over the last 22 years, Cynthia has gained an international reputation. Hypnotherapist from around the world have attended her classes. She has also been invited to give workshops at conventions in New Hampshire, Florida, Illinois, New York and throughout the United States. Her main focus is on corporate programs and certification training through her state licensed school.  

Cynthia will be retiring to Florida with her husband Steve.