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NGH Certified Hypnotherapist

Member, Hypnotherapist and Certified Instructor for the  National Guild of Hypnotists


Thomas Institute of Hypnosis
New England - New Hampshire, Maine, Massachusetts, Vermont and USA




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 This four day hypnosis continuing education program will give your medical employees the knowledge to induce hypnosis immediately

Designed Specifically For Your Facility Needs

 You Learn:

  • How to tailor the hypnotic initiation/induction to ensure that everyone can be hypnotized.

  • Deepening techniques that will bring your clients to the deepest level.

  • Depth testing so they, and you will know that they are truly hypnotized.

  • Convincers/Suggestibility Tests. Knowing when and how to use them effectively.

  • Hypnotic regression. Have a person recall anything that they have ever seen, felt, heard, or read.

  • Techniques of turning a negative memory into a positive stimulant.

  • Hypnosis for pre/post surgery, fears, panic attacks, anxieties, stress reduction, stop smoking, weight loss, morning sickness, postpartum depression, pain control, self-confidence, and more.

  • Self-hypnosis. Learn how to tap into your full potential to ensure your success.

  • The power of suggestions. Learn how the use of hypnotic communications can prove to be a priceless asset.

  • And much, much, more....


 You Receive:

  • The curriculum to provide a complete classical approach to hypnosis which will enable you to immediately practice hypnotic techniques.

  • Training manual, Scripts, Tapes and Thomas Institutes color coded system© to easily put together a full therapeutic session.

  • A certificate of CEU/Contact hours for you to submit.

  • You may apply for NGH Certification if you have completed Marie Mongan's 4 day "hypnobirthing" class, or another NGH approved 4 day class.


This is a four day intensive training class held from    9:00 AM—5:00 PM.  

 Classes can be held at:

 Your Facility


 Thomas Institute of Hypnosis, for smaller classes