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 NGH Certified Hypnotherapist

Member, Hypnotherapist and Certified Instructor for the  National Guild of Hypnotists



Weight Loss with Hypnosis

Weight Reduction Programs for Private Sessions, Small Groups and Business/Corporate

Serving New Hampshire, Maine, Massachusetts and Vermont

Thomas Institute of Hypnosis
50 Bridge Street, Suite 303
Manchester, NH  03101



Losing Weight using Hypnosis

Hypnosis is a method for losing weight without diet pills or starvation. Thousands of people have found hypnosis to be an easy, safe and effective way to lose excess weight and keep it off.

Hypnosis is not only a way to lose unwanted weight, but is also one of the most effective ways to keep your weight at a desirable level after you have reduced.

Over-eating is a habit learned over the years and is difficult to break on your own. Through hypnosis, suggestions are given that will cancel out the negative habits. Additional suggestions are then given that will start a new positive habit of eating the proper type and smaller quantities of foods and liquids.

The first part of a weight loss session is comprised of talking to you about what you feel will help you to reduce weight.  Realistic goals are discussed and then an appropriate plan for your weight loss can be put into place.

Under hypnosis you are given suggestions that reinforce the positive behaviors that you wish to accomplish.  They may include; drinking more water, exercising, eating slower, portion control and other means that can help you to reach your goal.

The average number of sessions needed for weight loss and maintenance is three. This is an average only. Many people are successful with one or two sessions, while others come back periodically to help them stay on track.  

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There are things to consider when choosing to use hypnosis as a means to lose weight.

a.)  The person must really want to make changes.

b.)  They are not being pushed into it by someone else.

c.)  They are comfortable using hypnosis.  (see What is Hypnosis

d.)  They are comfortable with the hypnotherapist and surroundings.

e.)  An individual session or a very small group is the best way to go.

"Cindy, I saw you a few months ago for weight loss and the last time I emailed you with an update I had lost 7 lbs.  Now, I'm proud to tell you I've lost 21 lbs."     Shirley LePine


Private Session ~ $99.00
  Follow-up sessions pertaining to initial session (within 1 year) ~ $85.00
  Each session is approximately 1 hour and 15 minutes

  Small Group Sessions at our Facility         
  Family, Friends or Business - up to 6 people
  Initial Session ~ 4 people - $85.00 each
  Initial Session ~ 6 people - $75.00 each

  Corporate Programs - 10 or more attendees
  Please contact us for special rates

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