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Stop Smoking with Hypnosis

Smoking Cessation Programs for Private Sessions, Small Groups and Business/Corporate

Serving New Hampshire, Maine, Massachusetts and Vermont


Thomas Institute of Hypnosis
50 Bridge St., Suite 303
Manchester, NH  03101


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Stop Smoking using Hypnosis

According to studies done, hypnosis is the most effective way to stop smoking than any other program available.

Eighty-five to ninety-five percent of people that are hypnotized under the Thomas Institute system never smoke again. For the few occasions when a follow up session is needed, a special rate has been arranged.

Hypnosis makes it easier to quit smoking than by going "cold turkey".  Hypnosis also gives you more will power, self-control and self-confidence to overcome the nicotine addiction.

You can fall into three categories when using hypnosis for smoking cessation.

1.)  You may leave and never think about smoking again.

2.)  You might reach for the pack that isn't there anymore and think to yourself, "Oh, I don't do that anymore!"

3.)  Or, perhaps you may have that yes, no, yes, no battle going on.  Give it a minute and the thought goes away.

At Thomas Hypnosis, we also incorporate a stress reduction into our stop smoking sessions.  This keeps you more calm, in control and you don't feel that you have to reach for a cigarette.

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There are things to consider when choosing to use hypnosis as a means to stop smoking;

a.)  The person must really want to stop.

b.)  They are not being pushed into it by someone else.

c.)  They are comfortable using hypnosis.  (see What is Hypnosis

d.)  They are comfortable with the hypnotherapist and surroundings.

e.)  An individual session or a very small group is the best way to go.

Hypnosis can also be used to stop chewing tobacco, to be free of nicorette gum, pipe smoking, cigar smoking and pot smoking.

"Hello Cynthia,  I just thought I would take a minute to let you know that I am still amongst the ranks of the non-smokers.  You may recall you treated me last July 8, so in six days I will reach the nine month landmark.  I think the suggestion of looking at the color red was instrumental in the overall efficacy of the treatment.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart."      Lionel F. (Dag) Saunders

Private Session ~ $99.00
  Follow-up sessions pertaining to initial session (within 1 year) ~ $85.00
  Each session is approximately 1 hour and 15 minutes

  Small Group Sessions at our Facility         
  Family, Friends or Business 
  up to 4 people ~   Initial Session ~ $85.00 each
  up to 6 people ~   Initial Session ~ $75.00 each

  Corporate Programs - 10 or more attendees
  Please contact us for special rates
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