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  The Ten Most Important Questions To Ask When Choosing an Instructor For your Hypnosis Certification Training!

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There are many schools and instructors across the United States that are either affiliated with the NGH or another organization.  The NGH alone has over a hundred schools.  Keep in mind that your training is only as good as your instructor.  Asking the following questions of any potential instructor, will help you to make an informed decision about where to take your training.  

1.) Where did you receive your hypnotherapy training?

There are "schools" throughout the USA that give hypnosis "degrees" in 2 - 3 days.  This is not sufficient training to teach a 100 hour class. I received my training in 2008 from Cynthia Kile Thomas.  Cynthia is one of the most respected hypnotherapist and instructor in the country.  She has since retired and passed the pendulum on to me to continue with her tradition of excellent certification training.

"This class has been very well presented. Dawn is patient but never wastes time. The material is covered until everyone in the class has a thorough understanding. No one gets left behind. This is an excellent class and I recommend it." Richard Morgan

"Dawn's course is not only fun and entertaining, but thought provoking and invaluable for my future practice..." Suzanne Brnada

2.) How long have you been teaching Hypnosis Certification Classes and how many students per year do you train?

It is important that your instructor has an in depth knowledge of  hypnosis.  Teaching other alternative classes, i.e;  Reiki, massage, etc. does not give them this experience.  So, if they state, "I have over 25 years of experience in Marketing and Hypnotherapy", this could mean 25 years in marketing but only 3 or 4 years in hypnosis.  Starting in 1998, I learned hypnosis through alternative techniques. I then became certified in the traditional hypnosis and went further to become board certified in hypnosis.

"The class was fabulous! I thought I knew what hypnosis was all about which is why I wanted to take the class. My main objective was to learn how to help clients de-stress and enjoy life in this crazy fast paced world." Nancy Monaco

3.)  What are the actual materials given?

Other instructors may claim to be giving the most material.  You may want to find out exactly how much more.  Any instructor teaching for the Guild, has to use the same workbooks, audio tapes and video tapes that all Guild instructors use.  

Because of my specialized training, you receive advanced and logical approaches that are comfortable to you and your subject.  These techniques give everyone a clear and precise understanding of hypnosis.  Plus, you receive my unique "Color Coded Hypnosis System".   It provides you with eight important steps to achieving the best hypnosis sessions possible.

You receive my original and unique curriculum as well as the NGH materials. My extensive background,  in-depth knowledge and expertise makes  Thomas Institute of Hypnosis the best choice for your hypnosis training. Remember, knowledge and experience are far more important than a few extra books or tapes.

 "There was so much more to the class than just the techniques of how to guide people through hypnosis toward their goal. It's amazing how much I learned bout human nature and the process behind the whole process. The class time was always interesting and fun. And the interaction with my classmates was helpful and enlightening as we all worked and practiced together. I will miss my new found friends." Nancy Monaco

"... Enjoyed it and would recommend it to anyone interested in hypnosis." RIchard Frye

4.)  What is the classroom experience like?  

Be sure to interview your future instructor by phone before signing up for their class.  If you are to spend seven full days with an instructor, it is most important that you are comfortable with how they speak to you, and what they have to say. Emails or web sites may not give you the full picture.  I am sure that everyone has attended lectures where the speaker puts everyone to sleep.  My classes are full of energy, and enthusiasm.  At Thomas Hypnosis you will learn in a fun and exciting environment.

"The class was hugely interesting, full of new and informative information - clear examples were used to illustrate new concepts and there was plenty of time for discussion and questions. I felt supported throughout the whole process." Linda Hopper

"I was very happy with the class, and very confident in my abilities upon completion." Karl Atherton

"I enjoyed the pace and depth of the material presented. I feel confident with the skills I have learned." David Almeida

5.)  Do you do stage shows?

Listen to how they answer this question or check out the instructors web site.  Most instructors teach "stage show" type techniques to use during your sessions.  For instance, imagine telling your client they can't see something that is really there or seeing something that isn't there!  Great for stage shows, but not for our private sessions.  If they talk passionately about their career as a stage show performer, you can be sure their classes and teaching style will be structured towards entertainment.  This is wonderful if you want to do stage shows, and I will cover  the aspect of stage shows in my class.  However, if you are interested in doing sessions, then stage show techniques can hurt your client rapport as well as your referral rate.  After all, many people do not want to "do those silly things" in your office. I train many counselors, teachers, nurses, and of course people just like you. My sessions are structured towards the comfort of my clients.  I bring updated 21st century techniques into my sessions and into my classroom.

"I am so happy I took your class. I can not stress how much I learned about hypnosis as well as general ideas and concepts surrounding hypnosis. I loved how positive the instructor is. The stories that she told from her experience were funny, helpful and I always looked forward to class. The materials that were given to us were wonderful. I love the color coded system. I feel that the tools I was given from class are practical. I will be using them in real-life as a hypnotherapist. Out of all the classes and courses that I have taken, this was well beyond worth the money and my time. I feel confident that I can go out and succeed as a hypnotherapist. Thank you Dawn for a wonderful class experience. Class was fun and relaxing." Sarah Montouri

6.) Are you a post-secondary - state licensed school?

Any company or individual, teaching any type of vocational (career or career enhancing) class, must be a state licensed post-secondary school. Any school that is not licensed is operating illegally in the State of NH. This means that the school is subject to fines and/or closure at any time by the state. This also means that you, the student, have no protection. Being licensed means that a school must be financially sound, have all programs approved for quality and relevancy, have all
instructors approved, and have a surety bond. This bond protects the student's tuition should the school default (close or fail to deliver) during a program. All currently licensed schools are listed on the Post Secondary Commission web site:
You will also find the applicable laws as well as a list of unlicensed schools at this
site. If you have any questions you can also contact the Commission at (603) 271-2555.

Thomas Institute of Hypnosis is proud to say that they were the first to be asked by the state education commission in 1999 to become the first post secondary - state licensed hypnosis school in New Hampshire.   Because of our growth and positive response from our students, we decided to accept the challenge and became the first New Hampshire state licensed hypnosis career school in 2005.  Dawn E. Whiting is a member for the  New Hampshire Council for Post-Secondary Education - NHCPE .  The first organization of it's kind in New Hampshire for improving post-secondary education.   

7.)  How many students on average attend your classes?

This is an important factor to consider.  If a class has only one or two students in them, this does not give you an adequate amount of class participation. (i.e.; who will you be hypnotizing and practicing with?)  My classes have an average of  6 - 18 students.  The class camaraderie is wonderful!  We break up into practice groups...and no one works with each other more than once.  You also learn from so many other questions and comments that your fellow classmates ask.

" Having taken a hypnosis course elsewhere a couple of years ago, I found Dawn to be highly professional and knowledgeable. The handout materials and study books are well done and give a good reference material. You answered my questions fully and allowed us to get any concerns addressed. I feel very confident with the training I have received that I will serve my hypnosis clients well." Valerie Tukey

8.) Are you a practicing Hypnotherapist and may I visit your office?

It is important that your instructor be actively involved with clients to be able to share this important knowledge.  Anyone can teach from a book.  I see clients on a daily basis.  My students always have updated information and examples because I am a working professional hypnotherapist.  I invite any potential student to visit my office and ask any questions that they may have..  

"Dawn really knows her stuff as a teacher who also has a practice and works with clients. The color coded system was great and very helpful." Mary Rubino

"Lots of real world examples on use of hypnosis in practice." Jay Goodman

9. Does your instructor have testimonials from past students?

Only study with an instructor that has an abundance of testimonials from past students.  Anyone can come up with two or three testimonials. You need to make sure that these testimonials deal with the instructor teaching hypnosis and not another type of class. The quotes on this website are from just a few of my past hypnotherapy students. I have a drawer full of reviews.  You want to make sure that the instructor you choose is an expert in teaching hypnosis. Other instructors may say that they offer the most, or the best, but my student comments and recommendations speak for themselves.  Click here for more STUDENT COMMENTS

"The class was over and above my expectations. I feel comfortable in the knowledge and experience I have gained as a hypnotist. Wonderful, wonderful class." Linda Abbott

10. Do you offer a money back guarantee or a payment plan?

This is the "ultimate test" of whether your instructor has a strong conviction about what they're offering. Thomas Institute, to our knowledge, is the only hypnosis training program in the area to offer a payment plan to their students.  We were also the first in the area to offer the No Risk Double Guarantee.  If an instructor really believes in the quality of their program, they shouldn't hesitate to guarantee it.  But here's the truth:

If you read all my testimonials, you know that you will be receiving the most informative hypnosis training in the area. You won't be disappointed. You won't want your money back. In fact, out of the many classes I've taught, on one has ever requested their money back. The point is, you will be thrilled with my school - guaranteed!

"It is difficult to feel prepared for a class of this type no matter waht the background of the student. Each day we were gaining confidence as we over came the barriers to our success. These barriers were large enough to challenge us but never too large for any chance of failure. Dawn adapted to the personalities and needs of each student and all students received teh support they needed. I believe that I got much more out of the class than I expected when I chose this training." Ken Yergeau

" This 8 day class is intensive training in the art of hypnosis... There was a lot of practice time where I was able to use the techniques and be corrected in a positive manner...Dawn isa very positive instructor and it is obvious that she loves to teach her art. She is a remarkable hypnotherapist and I recommend this class to a student who truly wants to learn teh art of hypnosis." Caroline Newman, NJ